Friday, December 11, 2009


Hard to believe, but it's already holiday gift-making time at our house. I usually make one or two edible treats like candy or jam or cookies to give to family and friends, but this year we're going a more savory route: mustard. Recipe to come later, but for now, more gift inspiration from around the web:

Homemade candy (candy cane marshmallows, turtle thumbprints, sugared cranberries) from Saveur [via Saveur]

A round-up of cookie recipes (biscotti, homemade Oreos, Russian tea cakes) from Smitten Kitchen [via SK]

Bittersweet chocolate truffles rolled in spices [via Food & Wine]

Cheese straws and "12 Days of Cookies" over at Lottie + Doof [via L+D]

Bourbon balls
and chocolate-pistachio toffee [via Dinner Party Recipes]

Vanilla syrup (ooh!) [via Food in Jars]

Feel free to share more ideas in the comments!


Chris said...

Vanilla syrup sounds amazing. Any thoughts on where to buy vanilla beans in the city?

Lisa said...

Chris: Doesn't it? I'd try Penzey's in Grand Central, or Kalustyan's on Lexington.

Casey@Good. Food. Stories. said...

I second Kalustyan's. That place is unbelievable - you walk in for one obscure ingredient and walk out with five more ideas for crazy foodstuffs.

Anonymous said...

The Weck food jars are beautiful (Food in Jars).

Daniel said...

Turtle thumbprints? That's crazy! Turtles don't even have thumbs!


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